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The Wilbur Rehmann Quartet

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Wilbur Rehmann Quartet


Feb 14-  Quartet, Staggering Ox, 6-9p

Feb 21 -  Bennys Bistro w/Fred Cobb, piano, 6:30- 8:30p

Feb 24 - Myrna Loy Movie reception W/ Cap HS Jazz Students

Feb. 29 -Quartet, Staggering Ox, 6-9:00p Art & Jazz

For Booking Information e-mail: wilbur@montanajazz.com
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The Wilbur Rehmann Quartet have brought to us a sense of joy, wonder and solitude with their original jazz interpretations, which explore the interior landscapes of the American West and the meaning of wilderness.

--Mike Clark,
Great Yellowstone Coalition

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The Wilbur Rehmann Quartet

Blackie Nelson

One of the most creative and inventive musicians, Blackie is also one of the sweetest sounding guitarists in Montana. He knows more songs and music than any one person ought to. In 1954 he and Isabel drove to Bozeman to hear Charlie Parker who personified the cutting edge sound of his day, and that's exactly what Blackie is today.

Ken Nelson

Acoustic and electric bass, piano and synthesizer, organ and guitar and, of course, dobro. Ken does it all, and he does it well. He has a tremendous sense of time and rhythm but it is his harmonic explorations that continue to amaze and enthrall.

Dennis Unsworth

It is not often that the big sound of a full drum kit is played with such exquisite sensitivity and grace as it is by Dennis. His quick wit and melodic sense come through whether it's taking a full-fledged solo flight or when he's simply trading fours with the rest of the group.

Wilbur Rehmann

He grew up listening to the last of the traveling big bandsin the late forty's and early fifties. As a teenager, Wilbur got interested in bebop and wanted to know not only why they played like that, but how. Now he knows, and he plays it on the alto, soprano and tenor saxophones. Watching and listening to him play is a joy.


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