Cottage Recording


Ken Nelson, Owner

Cottage Recording
PO Box 7222
Helena, MT 59604



Tracking and Mixing

Set Up

$25.00 / Hr.

24 Track Hard Disk Recording

$50.00 / Hr.

24 Track Automated Dynamic Mixdown

$50.00 / Hr.


Remote Rates

2 Track Stereo "Field Recording"

$60.00 / Hr.

(If out of town, +expenses)

2 Track Stereo "Field Recording"

Block Day Rate (8 Hours)

$420.00 / Day

(If out of town, +expenses)


CD & Cassette Replication

Complete package quotes upon request

Discount Available for Block Booking



Basic Mastering


(Approximately 12 song project)

  • Adjust level of each song
  • Adjust EQ of each song
  • Sequence songs
  • Adjust "gap" of each song
  • Maximize levels
  • Maximize bit depth and word length
  • Insert PQ codes (Red Book Standards)
  • Includes (2) CDR Masters
  • (Add $60.00 / Hr. for DAW editing if fades and segues are needed)
    All Mastering is done at 24 Bits using WAVES Native Gold Bundle
    (The Industry Mastering Standard)


All types of hard disk editing including audio restoration of noisy and unintelligible audiotapes and records. MIDI/SMPTE

Jingle and Music Bed Composition

Professional jingle composition…
Quick turn-around time on tight, punchy, memorable commercial productions that readily identify your business or Public Service Announcement. (Call for specific quotes)

Multi-Media Presentations

We team-up with the best around for complete multi-media presentations. Call with your specific requirements and with our business partners, we'll put on a multi-media extravaganza to remember.

Partial Client List

  • Simon & Schuster
  • The Discovery Channel
  • Ambrose-Tubbs Inc.
  • The National Symphony Orchestra
  • Montana Department of Transportation (MDT)
  • Fifth Avenue Advertising
  • United States Forest Service
  • Q Communications
  • The Montana Power Company
  • Gottlieb Communications
  • The Montana National Guard
  • Video Express Productions

Ask for Music CD Production List

Partial Equipment List


  • Roland VS1680EX & VS880EX
    Complete 24 track (320 virtual tracks) 24 Bit Hard Disk Workstations with automated mixing including dynamic mixing.
  • Pentium III 500
    Sound Forge 4.5, Waves Gold Bundle Mastering Suite, Cakewalk, Digital Audio Labs 24 Bit 96 kHz
  • Alesis ADATS
  • Tascam DAT
  • Sony Field Recording DAT


  • AMR
  • AKG
  • Audio Technica
  • CAD
  • Sennheiser
  • Shure

Complete MIDI/SMPTE environment (many instruments available)


Ken Nelson, Owner
Cottage Recording
PO Box 7222
Helena, MT 59604




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