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Wilbur Rehmann Quintet: Old Friends and New (2010)

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Wilbur Rehmann Quartet: Mann Gulch Suite (1999)

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Wilbur Rehmann Quartet: Back Home Jazz (1996)

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MJ Williams Trio: I Can Hear Your Heart (1999)

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Upcoming Events

Wilbur Rehmann Quartet


Nov. 11 Plymouth Congregational church, Jazz Sunday with Ann Tappan, piano

Nov. 15 Archie Bray Foundation Holiday reception, Sax & duo

Dec. 15 Benny’s Bistro, Helena, 6:30-8:30p with Ann Tappan, piano

Dec. 21 Solstice Celebration, St Paul’s United Methodist, 7:00p WR Quartet plus guests

Dec. 28 Staggering Ox, 6-9:00p, WR Quartet

Dec. 31 NYE at MT Club, WR Quartet


January 25 Helena Civic Center, Valley Bank Annual Dinner, WR Quartet

February 16 Staggering Ox, 7:00p, Butte Big Band

March 22 Staggering Ox 6-9p WR Quartet

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